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Året i

december 25, 2009

My caffeine levels are at zero… according to the (hilarious) caffeine curve I’m way past ”triple shotgun murder”… There are very few reported cases of garlic overdose related deaths so my dinner should be safe blasted pointers… *grumble grumble* Stuff works when you least expect it! I’m down at the library working, it’s not too bad though I have a cup of orange-mint tea to keep me company =) Tomorrow I’ll try to convince people that data bases are a good idea… Currently I’m trying to set up the clock frequency for the memory controller of our AT91SAM-uC… Bubble Bobble is one of the more fun games of the era. Friday the 13:th…what could possibly go wrong today? 2½ days of testing has finally yielded results, the softstart seems to be working now…Victory! I’ve just fixed a broken SEGA Saturn, luckily it was nothing to troublesome =) Bauhaus is excellent for Sunday afternoons and Rammstein is great for Sunday evenings =) Beastie Boys album Hello Nasty will dominate my Monday morning. Tuesday offers python programing to the mellow tones of Eels Hunting bugs, listening to Instant Remedy I’m photographing Messier 78 via, I hope the pictures turn out nicely Board game weekend coming up…Excellent! Tired after a weekend of Carcassonne, Roborally, Munchkin Quest and a couple of other fun games! Tweaking the AT91SAM-bootloader I’m having coffee with marmalade sandwiches, what we in Sweden call ”fika” Time for some serious bug hunting *sigh* No comet but some of the other planets and star clusters looked nice in the binoculars… On my way to Karlstad to see Rocky Horror Picture Show! I’m back from Karlstad, Rocky Horror rocked! Today is littered with meetings, the risk of falling asleep during one of them is significant… Why won’t this bootloader do what I tell it to? Why!?! Midnight, all is dark. Not a sound, just me and my compiler…I should sleep Ok, I’m awake but not much more Solemnly working to the soundtrack from Virgin Suicides I’m buried under a ton of work…I really could use a shovel. So far so good, I haven’t been fooled yet! I’m working late, will be home ~23.00 *sigh* I’m sitting at the library trying to figure out FAT16…The weather is nice so I won’t be here for too long The sun is shining and draining all my motivation to do actual work, I’d love to be outside absorbing the light This morning’s coffee is strong enough to knock an Emu to the ground Tea in the sun with a good book….life is nice =) FAT16 is working as it should! Let’s hope I won’t get sued =) It’s time to go home I have no inspiration…better get some more coffee I have finally gotten my Godzilla posters (from framed! Out and about, trying to take some photos I’m back inside again, it was a nice walk but I doubt the pictures will be anything to put on the wall Getting into bed on time is overrated, I still feel like a zombie in the morning Internet at home has been down since yesterday evening and it’s not looking good for this evening…I savoring every moment here at work… Still no Internet-connection at home… The Internet connection at home is till broken, but life moves on somehow… My internet connection is back! Wooo! I’ve had an excellent weekend with friends, games and lots of sunshine Have been listening to Check Your Head via Excellent record! Wooo! Captain Britain and RASL will be waiting for me when I get home from work today! I have an interview at 14:30 with SciSys, it was a long time since I was this nervous =/ the interview is over, it wasn’t as horrible as I thought it would be…but it was close… damn signedness issues! I need a quick course in discrete math to restore my long lost knowledge. Any good web references around? …and nothing will ever be the same again… Woo! A new episode of the c64-takeaway ( It’s been a while since the last one but it’s still as good as ever! I’m picking up new cool music from the Bzangy Groink podcast I’m back from a fun and pleasantly distracting weekend (including friends, food, drinks and outdoor games) =) I’m currently working with the mystical magic known as ”regular expressions” Birds are twittering outside my window, it’s quite nice =) I just discovered Father Brown stories over at =) I just bought Jonathan Coultons ”Thing a Week Three”, it’s pretty good stuff! I wish myself a happy double cake afternoon! I’m looking forward to seeing (and jumping around to) Nitzer Ebb and Biomekkanik tonight! I’m tired after an intense but fun weekend! Today is a good day (I got a fresh cup of coffee when I arrived at work) =) The rain is pouring down, all the prerequisites for a Swedish midsummer celebrations that are needed I had a great weekend! My thanks goes out to all involved! after 5+ years at the university and two years as professional programmer you’d think I could handle sscanf()…think again How did I miss the announcement that Futurama is returning to tv? …He just smiled and gave me a Vegemite sandwich… I’m back from a short sailing vacation…life is still good =) I’m back from an excellent vacation, still a bit tired but I’ll have to refrain from sleeping in my office I’m hunting randomly occuring bugs, it’s either the TWI that locks up or the USB-host code that locks one of the main threads… Working on endianness problems. Happy hacking overdrive =) Time to go home, hacking complete! waiting for the test department to approve the code I wrote yesterday, after that it’s of to production! Now playing: Metal Workers – Yallah Rave Punking up! Life of an engineer: < 30 minutes between fix and next crisis Martin Millars ”Lonely Werewolf Girl” has arrived =) No major catastrophes yet this week! I’m leaving fore a 10 day long vacation on the green isle =) I can’t wait to get there! Nothing like starting the week with some Front Line Assembly Lotus Notes hates me =( Actually, I think it hates everybody I’m over at Fantastic Film Festival in Lund this weekend, it’ll be a blast FFF is going strong, I’ve managed to see five movies so far. Two more will be seen on Wedneseday and another five this weekend =) The plan for this evening is to see ”The Children” and ”Master Key” down in Lund. I expect to be home 00:30 and dead tomorrow morning ”The Children” was really scary FFF is over and it’s a whole year until the next one =( My favorite film from the festival was the short film Dix Sloooow monday… I just ordered the new Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy-book today I’ve learned a new term: Swizzling Friday I’m in love by the Cure Covenant was excellent on stage and it was nice to meet an old acquaintance. Good weekend in general =) Now I’m signed up and ready for FSCONS this weekend is at FSCONS I’m wondering how my revdep-rebuild is going, but I won’t know for sure until I get home The kernel of my desktop has been upgraded to 2.6.30, now my nvidia graphics card works decently again =) Mmm, homemade Walnut-bread I’ve had a great weekend playing board games with friends. These get-togethers are great The Christmas shopping is almost done, only the hardest part left I’ve narrowly avoided drinking cold coffee from yesterday afternoon Snow is falling outside, all is good Yay! The new episode of the C64 takeaway is out! Get it at Everything is covered in a cozy blanket of snow, the world looks brand new going home for Christmas now, Happy Holidays everyone

13:e December a.k.a. Lucia

december 13, 2009

Idag fick jag äntligen upp min adventsstjärna, anledningen till dröjsmålet var en akut brist på sladd. Efter ett par små inköp lite knipsande med avbitartång och skruvande med skruvmejsel sken stjärnan lyckligt. Det var faktiskt väldigt mysigt att komma hem från träningen till det pappersfiltrerade skenet som är så karaktäristiskt för adventsstjärnor.

Julstämningen håller på att inställa sig ordentligt, utöver adventsstjärnan är mitt kontor pyntat och de flesta klappar är införskaffade. Jag har till och med ett par flaskor glögg i skafferiet. Det största problemet jag har är att jag inte verkar kunna få tag på lakritsstång till lakritskolan jag brukar göra. (Brukar som i har gjort två gånger tidigare.)

Ovan ser ni Commodores jul-demo som de hade snurrandes på C64:or i allehanda elektronik-affärer December -82. Nästan helt orelaterat är de jul-remixer som finns på C64-remix-siten

Jag hoppas även på snö men det ser mörkt ut här nere, kanske när jag kommer upp till hemtrakterna över jul?