Schlock om duschakustik

Till tisdagens Schlock Mercenary medföljde en notis om varför vi ofta är nöjda över hur vi låter i duschen.

Ett litet utdrag:

”As any audio engineer can tell you, shower acoustics are a result of resonant frequencies within the range of the fundamentals being sung. If you start with a one- by one- by two-point-five-meter shower stall, and cover it with tile (which reflects roughly 98% of the acoustic energy striking it) the whole thing can be considered at first as an organ pipe two-point-five meters long. The lowest fundamental frequency can be computed by taking the speed of sound (call it 340 meters/sec) and dividing it by twice the pipe length. In this example, 340/(2.5*2) gives us 68 cycles per second. In equal-tempered piano tuning that is the C# two octaves below middle C (C2#), or close enough to it for an oboist, at any rate.”


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